Key Elements of Good Story Writing

Story Writing is simply a verbal writing method which has its very own natural rhythm and is written in an easier manner. It basically includes five elements: Setting, Character, Plot, Theme, and Conflict. Through narrative writing, you share with others the innermost experience of human characters in an actual physical setting; with a plot which make it a narrative, an inner conflict which cause a dynamic of the characters, and lastly the theme of the story. To start writing a story, you need to have a clear and concise idea on what type of story you are planning to write. The following are some essential tips that will help you in creating an amazing story.

Develop The Theme
When it comes to story writing, the first thing that you need to do is to plan and develop a theme for your story. This will be based on the characters involved, the conflict, as well as the time frame you plan to tell the story in. In order for you to know what type of story you are writing, it is highly recommended that you plan and work out the complete theme with all your characters and events.

Develop An Outline
Story writing format would require you to create a simple outline of your work. This will allow you to break down your written work into different chapters and sub-chapters. This can also be a good technique in getting your creative writing skills enhanced by allowing yourself more freedom to include your main characters. When outlining, it is highly recommended that you should not only think of the details and setting of your story but as well as the background and conflicts of your main characters.

Develop The Conflict or Central Dilemma
Next, after you have created a detailed and creative outline of your story, it is important that you properly develop your conflict or central dilemma for the story. This is because readers usually won’t buy your main characters if they are not faced with some sort of conflict or dilemma in the beginning. In writing, developing a strong conflict between your main characters will provide the reader with something to understand and care about the main characters and the plot of your story.

Develop The Plot
Lastly, when developing a plot of your story, it is highly advised that you take time in reading through a few books about how to develop a strong plot. There are several books that will teach you how to develop a plot and how to write a compelling story. Reading these books can help you understand how different plot structure works in order to provide an engaging and interesting story to your readers.

Developing The Theme
When writing a story, it is highly recommended that you develop a theme for your short story. This will be centered on the basic character or characters that you have selected. It is important that you select a theme that the majority of your audience will be able to relate to. When developing a theme, it is also highly advisable that you apply certain rules on how to effectively develop the theme in your story. By doing this, you will be able to come up with an engaging, yet original story that your audience will surely enjoy reading

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